I love helping others grow and have extended this love into the Her Lovely Heart brand, where I enjoy sharing my knowledge in the form of mentoring & the 'Live What You Love' workshop, which concentrates on exploring how to build a successful business around your passion. At the workshop I talk about nurturing your craft and identifying your style, and about creating a business that leverages your unique strengths and talents. The workshops take place in an intimate and relaxed environment, and the number of attendees is strictly limited.


I also offer easy to use InDesign album templates and other resources. The designs are exactly the type of layouts I use in my own books - classy, timeless and very flattering to your images. Since I personally only design square albums, the templates are for making square books.

Visit the Her Lovely Heart store if you are interested in resources to help you work more efficiently.


There is a tightly curated selection of fine art prints and other products available in the Her Lovely Heart store. Please stop by for a visit!


I am sometimes invited to speak at photography related events. Details of these will usually be posted on either Facebook and/or twitter.

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